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“It’s Hosted” — The Walking Gallergy Jacket No. 122 by Regina Holliday

I head to HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas tomorrow. It will be a landmark convention for me, because I get to wear the latest addition to #TheWalkingGallery — a jacket pained by @ReginaHolliday.

I can’t say enough about Regina and her passion for transformation in healthcare. It’s an honor to join a group committed to participatory medicine, telling stories through art, separately and together.

Regina titled the jacket It’s Hosted, which states ‘Over 50% of Physicians are using Electronic Medical Records’ and ‘I too Prefer EMRs…because Hosting Removes Dangerous Barriers between Me and My Data’. Also included is a picture of e-Patient Dave‘s ‘Gimme My Damn Data’ mug. Yeah!

It’s modeled after cigarette ads from the 1930’s and 1940’s. I have a large collection of these ads, amazed since I was young at how imagery having nothing to do with tobacco has been used for 100 years to successfully sell it. I’ve always thought healthcare could do a lot better if it learned from the masters of marketing.

Thanks, Regina. See you in Las Vegas! I hope we don’t have to walk through too many smoky hotels, restaurants and casinos to tell our stories….

Imagine John Lennon as a Health 2.0 User

Just back from the biggest and best Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. My brain’s on overdrive from all the demos and presentations. I’d like to wave a magic wand, and *POOF* everything would be mainstream in healthcare. Sigh.

I’m ready for the future now, although am nostalgic today. It’s John Lennon’s birthday. He would be 70. A child of the 60’s, I like to imagine the world with more music about peace, and well, more peace.

You say you want a Health 2.0 revolution? What would Lennon think if he watched the emergence of Health 2.0?

Come together (the title of this artwork), he would say. Get people and experts and all the health information connected. He’d also say: find Health 2.0’s soul. Make it personal, make it emotional, make it about peoples’ lives and what they care about.

Find Health 2.0’s soul, Lennon would say. Experts and information that’s personal and emotional, about what people care about..

Of all I heard in San Francisco, these were the messages that struck a chord for me. As one speaker said, “when we crack the consumer engagement piece, we’ll get somewhere”. Here are some bright spots that made emotional connections with me – and are likely to help drive engagement…

The winner of the engagement contest didn’t compete in the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge. Regina Holliday, a fabulous artist and advocate for record access, proves the importance of emotional connections. She was in the back of the room for 2 days, painting. Her prior painting tells the stirring story of her husband’s illness and challenges of getting their health information. I’d like to get her in front of every person who works at the VA and share that story.

The session Behavior Change, Health 2.0 & The Unmentionables was excellent, striking that emotional chord. Alexandra Drane of Eliza talked about how it’s not about technology or information, it’s about issues important to people’s lives. Speaking of key issues, Qpid.me wants confidential sharing of test results – STD and HIV – at really key, real-time moments.

I loved hearing about Jeff Livingston, an OB/Gyn using social networking to PULL teens and young women in for sensitive conversations about their health and care. There is a lovely paradox I’ve written about before, where electronic communication can be more personal and sensitive for the patient. I expect to great stuff coming from MIT’s New Media Medicine lab. Their CollaboRhythm project has dynamic and appealing interfaces for connecting patients and providers.

Come together. Make an emotional connection, related to my life. Mainstream. Imagine.