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VA OpenNotes: exploring the experiences of early patient adopters with access to clinical notes. Nazi KM, Turvey CL, Klein DM, Hogan TP, Woods SW. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2015 Mar;22(2):380-9 [Abstract] [PDF]

Blue Button use by patients to access and share health record information using the Department of Veterans Affairs’ online patient portal. Turvey C, Klein D, Fix G, Hogan TP, Woods S, Simon SR, Charlton M, Vaughan-Sarrazin M, Zulman DM, Dindo L, Wakefield B, Graham G, Nazi K. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2014 Jul-Aug;21(4):657-63. [PDF}

Patient Experiences With Full Electronic Access to Health Records and Clinical Notes Through the My HealtheVet Personal Health Record Pilot: Qualitative Study. Woods SS, Schwartz E, Tuepker A, Press NA, Nazi KM, Turvey CL, Nichol WP. J Med Internet Res 2013; 15(3):e65. PDF.

Mobile Applications and Internet-based Approaches for Supporting Non-professional Caregivers: A Systematic Review. Dyer EA, Kansagara D, McInnes DK, Freeman M, Woods S. Washington (DC): Department of Veterans Affairs; 2012 November. [PDF}

Transfer of information from personal health records: a survey of veterans using My HealtheVet. Turvey CL, Zulman DM, Nazi KM, Wakefield BJ, Woods SS, Hogan TP, Weaver FM, McInnes K. Telemedicine Journal E Health. 2012 Mar;18(2):109-14. [PDF]

Promise of and potential for patient-facing technologies to enable meaningful use. Ahern DK, Woods SS, Lightowler MC, Finley SW, Houston TK. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2011 May; 4
0(5 Suppl 2):S162-72. [PDF]

Patient interest in sharing personal health record information: a web-based survey. Zulman DM, Nazi KM, Turvey CL, Wagner TH, Woods SS, An LC. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2011 Dec 20;155(12):805-10. [PDF]

Increasing consumer demand for tobacco treatments: Ten design recommendations for clinicians and healthcare systems. Woods SS, Jaén CR. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2010 Mar;38(3 Suppl):S385-92.

MyHealtheVet PHR: a description of users and patient portal use. Nazi KM, Woods SS. AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2008 Nov 6:1182.

Increasing reach of quitline services in a US state with comprehensive tobacco treatment. Woods SS, Haskins AE. Tobacco Control. 2007 Dec;16 Suppl 1:i33-6.

Using claims data to examine patients using practice-based Internet communication: is there a clinical digital divide?
Swartz SH, Cowan TM, Batista IA. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2004 Jan 9;6(1):e1.

Presentations —

Participatory Design: the next generation of quality. Northern California HIMSS, April 2013

VA Blue Button & OpenNotes – VeHU (VA eHealth University), December 2012

The journey toward Participatory Design – American Academy of Health Behavior, March 2012

Using Health Information Technology: the consumer perspective. Society of Behavioral Medicine annual meeting, session on Behavioral Scientists & Consumer Informatics. April 2010.

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